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Recently I was surfing the web actively looking for info about git. This post is something like a summary of good (IMO) resources about this DVCS.

Official main page contains useful documentation, FAQ and large list of tools available.

The most comprehensive single resource probably is Pro Git Book

There’s also site with many howtos, tip-and-tricks and the like: Git Ready

Several atricles too:
Why staging area matters?

In praise of Git’s index

A successful git branching model

My Git Workflow by Oliver Steele

What is rebase and how one could use it:
The Case for Git Rebase
A Rebase Workflow for Git

What is NOT a good idea to do in git:
Avoiding Git Disasters: A Gory Story

And my own posts related to git.

Currently my git tool-set consists of:

  • msysgit – actually git’s implementation on Windows.
  • GitExtensions – GUI of choice. Mostly for viewing trees and adding files to staging area.
  • And the last but not least is the tool which made me interest in git in the first place: git-tfs bridge.

There’s also GitSharp – implementation of Git for the .NET. Actually, GitExtensions and git-tfs uses this library internally to manipulate git’s repository.

Other suggestions are welcome 🙂


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