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Git-TFS bridge v0.12 released

Filed under: git-tfs — Ivan Danilov @ 16:00

New features in chronological order:

  • git tfs quick-clone -c 12345 option that allows you to clone not latest, but specified changeset. If project in TFS is large but you want to have part of the history – this will be handy;
  • git tfs rcheckin command implemented. See wiki for details. For short it allows you to checkin strainght series of commits from git to TFS. Also it supports simple merge-preserving but with significant limitations;
  • TFS authentication support. Now you can put auth info to repository configuration, pass it from command line, use your default windows user account or enter password each time;
  • Fetch/Pull commands (git-tfs’ ones of course) now checks your local repository up to HEAD to check if some TFS changesets were fetched with normal git fetch from other git repository. Also some minor changes that allows you to have central git repository and go to TFS only one time per changeset while downloading everything else from central repo.
  • git tfs unshelve and git tfs shelve-list commands that are allowing you to work with TFS’ shelves. Note that not everything is perfect there due to TFS crappiness. Refer for details here.
  • autotag option allows you to suppress creation of a tag for each TFS changeset if you don’t need this. To be precise: before 0.12 tag creation was default and non-optionable behavior. Since 0.12 it is optional and turned off by default.

And several bugs fixed, as always, of course.

In my plans there’s TFS’ branch support implementation, making git-tfs faster, and optionally moving to NDesk.Options (aka Mono.Options. NDesk site is obsolete as author mentioned. Still it has useful documentation) and libgit2sharp.

Also it would be great if someone could help us with keeping wiki up-to-date. It is somewhat behind.

P.S. Please note that I consider v0.12 still as release candidate. So if you have problems with it – feel free to use issue tracker or Google Group to let us know. Feedback is always appreciated!


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