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Git-Web-Access: access git through IIS WebApp

Filed under: git — Ivan Danilov @ 05:00

I’m using subject to host my repositories and in general it works well. It was the only really working git HTTP server on windows at the time (at least I hadn’t found others then).

Today I was installing GWA on another server and was suddenly struck with errors. After quick check I found that binaries from codeplex are not correspond to latest sources (namely, ILSpy shown that GitHandler.cs was without line context.Response.Charset = null; which is critical for working with JGit-based clients including TeamCity or Eclipse’s egit plugin).

And after I downloaded sources and built them… well, it wasn’t working at all:

$ git fetch
fatal: protocol error: bad line length character:

Same it TeamCity. So, I reverted to my own last commit and rebuilt. At that point I got working tool, at last.

It seems GWA is abandoned – undeservedly so, IMO. In any case – if you want Git HTTP Server on Windows – either build it from working sources or download here.


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